Value Added Services

Neill-LaVielle consistently provides value added services above and beyond the sale of the product to our customers. We are able to provide services such as the following to ensure that our customers are receiving the best value possible.

  • Sling Inspections
  • Assembly & Repair of Chain Slings
  • Bandsaw welding (In-House) & Bandsaw inspections
  • Product Training Seminars
  • Tool Repair & Management
  • Tooling Trials & Recommendations
  • Technically Engineered Solutions
  • Emergency Deliveries & After Hours Availability

Inventory Management Systems

Inventory Management Systems

A key component to our business is Inventory Management Systems. IMS, as the name indicates, is designed as a total inventory management system available to our customers. This system is a bar code driven replenishment process managed by our own in-house Neill-LaVielle IMS coordinators within the customer’s facility. These systems can be and are fully customized to suit customer specific requirements. IMS has proven to be very successful and beneficial to our customers by reducing their inventories, streamlining the ordering process and lowering their transactional costs. In support of this system, we are able to provide reporting and documentation regarding item usage, department usage, fast/slow movers, etc. These reports are used to ensure that our customers have the correct inventory levels required to suit their processes.

Inventory Management Systems

Industrial Vending Solutions

Industrial Vending Machines are a great solution that can help you save time and money. We offer the latest technologies and services to make sure you’re getting the best value. 

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